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Strand is one of the Cape’s most unique coastal towns, as it offers both newly constructed, modern holiday apartments right alongside retro 1970’s holiday homes that still maintain their vintage style. It is also a town filled with natural splendour, with pristine white beaches and azure seas inviting both locals and tourists to sit a while and soak up the South African sun. The restaurants in Strand range from uniquely local hang outs, serving traditional Cape Town seafood, to exquisite high-end restaurants in acclaimed hotels offering edible art, to cheap-and-cheerful fast-food chains. Whatever restaurants in Strand you choose to visit during your stay, or if you are a local looking to spice up their mid-week dinner choices, you will not be disappointed by the impressive range on offer in the charming coastal town. Some of the restaurants in Strand are in extremely close proximity to the beachfront, and so offer absolutely breath taking views of the beach, with sunsets becoming somewhat of a spectacle of magic for patrons. There are some restaurants who offer quirky menu items, such as traditional South African braaibroodjies and delicious biltong pizzas, while others offer more classical choices, such as Caesar salads. In this bustling sea-side haven, one can choose to dine out in one of the various top-quality fine dining restaurants, or choose to eat at a cosier, down-to-earth eatery. Almost all of the restaurants in Strand strive to serve food that is made from locally sourced ingredients, ensuring that our local farmers are sustained and the abundant produce in the area is made use of in the best possible way. Many of the restaurants offer play areas for children, allowing parents and guardians to relax and enjoy their meal while their children are entertained and taken care of. The staff at the restaurants are friendly, cheerful and capable, and have been one of the contributing factors to the popularity surge of family-style restaurants. For more information on the huge variety of restaurants available in Strand, feel free to read through the advertisements listed in this category.

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