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NB Hearing believes that everyone’s hearing is important. Hearing is an opportunity to connect as human beings and therefore the ability to hear is greatly needed. Our passionate audiologists aim to get your hearing needs fulfilled as much as possible so that you do not miss out on a great lifestyle and quality of life.

NB Hearing

What can you expect from NB Hearing?

  1. Comprehensive Hearing Tests & Assessments
    We conduct the most comprehensive and reliable testing in sound proof booths for accurate measuring. We then provide an accurate diagnosis on the type, location and amount of hearing loss with supportive explanations thereof. We do not rush these appointments as we try and empower our patients with the understanding and range of solutions suited to their needs. These sessions last 2 hours on average.
  2. Hearing Aid Selection
    Our team provide educated recommendations on which device suit your needs. We have a variety of hearing aid manufacturers to choose from. We take into account your hearing needs, budget, lifestyle and cosmetic concerns. Expect to spend 1 hour on this selection.
  3. Hearing Aid Fitting
    Supported and careful fitting of hearing devices. We take the time to teach you how to use and care for your device. This fitting is included as part of your hearing aid fee.
  4. Hearing Protection
    If you require personal and custom made hearing protection devices speak to one of our audiologists. Protecting your hearing in noisy environments is crucial to long term hearing health.
  5. Tinnitus Support
    We provide support and treatment for patients who suffer from tinnitus. We help each patient find the best possible solution to their symptom.
  6. Hearing Aid Repairs
    Bring your hearing aid to us for reliable, efficient and effective repairs. We also stock batteries and accessories for your hearing aid devices.

Reach out and connect with any of our branches because your hearing is important!

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