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Simplex Time Recorders is South Africa’s oldest time and attendance company. With years of experience behind us, we offer a variety of time and attendance and access control systems for businesses to stay organised.

We know how important it is that every system be effective, no matter its use. This is why we strive for continuous innovation to provide our clients with the best devices, software and installation. As a result, the quality and value that our customers receive from our systems are unsurpassed.

We offer our customers the most accurate and dependable solutions for tracking staff movements. Our products utilise advanced technologies to allow employers to manage their payroll without the need for extensive management processes. Our access control systems, which can be used through licensed desktop and cloud-based software, regulate and monitor employees’ access to specific spaces.

What Simplex has to offer

With our custom time and attendance and access control systems, you can reduce the need for payroll intervention by accurately calculating employee hours. This will save your business money in unnecessary processing fees with accurate data. Our passionate team will ensure you are set up with a system that will best suit your needs for ultimate business growth from devices through to installation.

The leading products from Simplex include:

  • Desktop solutions
  • Web-based solutions
  • Mechanical clocks
  • Installation products

Our industry experience has given us the know-how to provide leading systems. Our products range from standard mechanical time recorders to highly sophisticated biometric devices. To learn more about our systems or how they could help grow your business, contact our specialists or visit our website.

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