Introducing Strand High School

Strand High School is a well-known and prestigious Afrikaans high school. Our school, as it is known today, was established on 23 July 1963. Our motto is “Persevere and Overcome,” and we strive to implement this in all sectors at our school, including academics, sport and culture.

Our vision is to allow all children from the community to feel welcome, to be their own unique selves and to reach their full potential in an area where excellence is promoted. Our school is driven by its values, which applies both to the pupils and the personnel. Our values are: respect, integrity, responsibility, diligence and service.

What we offer

Strand High School offers quality Afrikaans education for all learners, from grade 8 to matric. We aim to let our learners develop to their full potential, by encouraging them to work hard and live by our school’s value system.

From grade 8, learners are required to complete a range of subjects, including English, Afrikaans, Maths, Biology, etc. At the end of grade 9, learners have the option to choose their subjects from grade 10 – 12. Our subject options include History, Art, Drama, Music, Engineering Designs, Business Studies, Geography, Tourism, and so much more.

We also offer various sporting and culture activities at school, to ensure that our learners develop fully on all fronts. Furthermore, pupils are also encouraged to join one of our various associations, to keep them busy outside of school.

For more detail on enrolling your child at Strand High School, feel free to go to our website.

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