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Town and Country International Professional Cleaning Services is one of the most established cleaning services in the country, with over 20 years of experience in curtaining, carpeting and upholstery cleaning and protection. We opened our doors in 1991, and started by cleaning a variety of hotels and resorts in South Africa – we have since spread our wings to include services in Europe, USA and the Middle East. Town and Country International is proud of the fact that we are highly recommended in both the hospitality and interior design industries – this is as a result of our team continuously staying ahead of the curve with advanced cleaning technologies and techniques.

We will come to you, our client, and deliver outstanding on-site cleaning with minimal disruption. Clients are also guaranteed delivery of superior cleaning methods that will not damage or devalue your property. We offer a variety of cleaning services, each tailored to different fabrics which need specific cleaning methods.

Some of the clients of the highly-regarded Town and Country International include theatres, hotels, town halls, homes marquees and tents, as well as local authorities.

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Our expertise includes

  • cleaning and sanitizing curtains (whilst hanging)
  • flame retarding of curtains to required specification (whilst hanging)
  • cleaning carpets and upholstery
  • application of stain protection treatment
  • flame retarding fabric walls & partitions
  • cleaning & sanitizing of mattresses (we also do anti-allergy mattress cleaning)

We pride ourselves on being an environmentally friendly company, making use of only the best eco-friendly products.

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