Strand sport and leisure options for young and old

Even if your schedule is jampacked, it is always important to make time for some proper relaxation. If you are unsure about what you can do after work, or over weekends, to relieve some stress and enjoy some me time, why not browse through these Strand sport and leisure options? The sporting activities in the Strand area are plentiful. Since the town is based right next to the beach, a lot of people partake in various water sports each day. Whether you want to kayak, surf, SUP, or just swim around – it is so good for you to just unwind after a stressful day. Even a stroll along the beach can do wonders… For those seeking to join a group activity, there are various sporting clubs in the area, including a swimming club. Concerning leisure activities in the area – Strand is a very popular beach destination for holiday goers during the December holidays. If you are in the mood for something different, why not go Orange River rafting? There are companies nearby that specialise in the organising and hosting of such adventures. Read through the listed Strand sport and leisure options, and treat yourself to a bit of fun.

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