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CBA Group has been providing office automation systems for all sizes of business since 1992. With these years of industry experience, we pride ourselves on providing the latest industry advancements to fulfil your office automation needs. From devices to software, we guarantee quality solutions.

We offer a wide range of printing, telecommunication and software solutions to streamline your workflow and improve productivity. Our team is committed to delivering high-quality products at an affordable price without compromising on quality or functionality. For leading office automation systems, reach out to the specialists at CBA Group.

More about our solutions

Office automation systems help create efficient work environments. With solutions for printing, telecommunication and software, we can help customise a system that will help you work towards your business goals.

Our products include:

Printing solutions – We partner with leading printer brands to provide a diverse range of solutions for your office’s printing, copying and faxing needs. Whether you require a solution for small or large scale use, we can assist with a machine that will provide superior quality.

Telecom solutions – We understand the importance of efficient channels of communication for business growth. To facilitate this, we provide PABX and VoIP telecommunication systems suitable for all sized businesses. These systems are easy to use and allow for easy scalability.

Software solutions – Our automation systems provide business owners with software solutions for better print, device and document management. This helps improve workplace efficiency and enhances the security of vital business information and processes.

Technical Support – As industry innovators, we have created an IT support service to provide our clients with expert assistance where it matters most. The CBA TechHub service helps businesses maintain their technical needs through remote or telephonic assistance.

Are you interested in leading office automation systems tailored to your business needs? Feel free to contact our team. Alternatively, you can visit our website for more information.

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